LLPR Services

LaunchPad PR offers a broad range of integrated public relations services

Media relations

From broadcast to print, to all things digital (news sites, blogs, social media), we target the appropriate media contacts and work to achieve the desired results – for consumer trusted media sources and influencers to appreciate the value of your product or service and respond by effectively communicating your message to the viewing/reading/buying public. We leverage strong media relationships on your behalf where strategic placements can translate to effective brand recognition. Our in-house photo, video and graphics capabilities offer clients an added value option when collateral is not available or appropriate for the public relations or marketing campaign(s) at hand.

Social media

Every company is different in the way that social media can offer important lift to digital visibility, and every company must weigh the options of maintaining what inevitably proves to be a labor intensive social media presence. LPPR helps to identify promising social media opportunities and works with clients to craft a compelling, organic approach to social media that promises the best possible results within budget defined limitations. For all companies, an effective social media presence requires teamwork between PR, marketing and sales. LPPR helps its clients to visualize its social media presence in order to serve all three concerns and implement a carefully scheduled program that is sensitive to the realities of brand management.

Talent outreach

The influencer or alpha target is just another way of saying celebrity. We identify appropriate celebrities who are relevant to your brand, product or campaign and develop cost effective ways for our outreach to benefit from their interest in your products and the future of your brand.

Special events

From store and product launches to creative experiential events, we develop exciting, newsworthy events that get noticed. With the help of the very best event partners, LPPR is able to coordinate media, red carpet, entertainment and production companies to create the type of experience that optimizes sales impact and builds brand awareness.

Launches: New businesses and products

LaunchPad PR benefits from over 15 years of experience launching new companies and products in a range of industries. We work at both the regional and national levels to create media awareness and to conceive and ultimately organize a launch that will land your brand, company and product squarely in the eye of the buyers and consumer. Our purpose is to exploit the freshness of your product with a media that is hungry for all things new.

Repositioning + Sales growth support

We can also help you to reposition your business or support the growth of your new sales efforts. We approach this comprehensively by looking at the audiences that your company is trying to reach and identifying the best tactics to communicate the new message.

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